Customisable, Easy to Transport and Iconic

Illuminate your Trade Show Booth with an Elegant Lightbox Display

Trade shows are an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products, services and to connect with potential clients. In a crowded trade show environment, it’s crucial for your booth to stand out from the rest. A well-lit trade show booth has been proven to receive on average 35% more attention than booths with other lighting solutions. With our elegant light box display solutions, you can illuminate your trade show booth, attract more visitors, and make a lasting impression.

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Benefits of Backlit Trade Show Booths

Backlit trade show booths offer several benefits over other lighting solutions. The consistent lighting solution ensures that your graphics and displays are clearly visible and easy to understand, even in low light conditions. The backlight also adds a professional and stylish touch to your trade show booth.

Customisable Light Box Displays

Our light box displays come in various shapes and sizes, including small and large sized light boxes, tower displays, and vector frame options. You have full design freedom to optimize your trade show display to suit your brand’s needs. All light boxes come with graphic templates to make the design process simple. You can email us your backlit LED light display artwork, and our graphic and print designers will take care of the rest.

Easy to Set Up and Transport

Our trade show light box solutions are easy to roll out and disassemble, making them an attractive option for novice trade show exhibitors. They are also lightweight, making it easy to transport them to and from trade shows, with low shipping costs.

Create Portable Wall Shaped Designs

By combining multiple light box displays, you can create portable wall-shaped designs that add a distinct element to your trade show booth. Our customer service team is available to help you with ideas and to share their years of experience in creating successful trade show displays.

Make the Most of Your Trade Show Experience

Make the most of your trade show experience with our elegant and inexpensive light box display solutions. They are an excellent investment that will help you attract more visitors, make a lasting impression, and grow your business.

Fabricated’s lightbox display solutions are an effective way to illuminate your trade show booth and stand out from the crowd. Customiseable, easy to set up and transport with its portable wall-shaped designs, you can ensure that your trade show experience is a success.

Contact Fabricated’s friendly to team to learn more about how we can help you illuminate your trade show booth and grow your business.

360 Degree LED Lightbox Counter

Light Box, Silicon Welt


Light Box, Silicon Welt

1m w x 2.4m h modular SEG lightbox

Light Box, Silicon Welt